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Welcome to Act Driving School, my name is Andrew Tucker and I have been a highly successful and fully qualified driving instructor since 1994

Attending a driving school can be a challenging time, however my professional and personalized services can help prepare you in becoming a confident new driver. My vast range of experience and personalized approach makes me one of the leading driving instructors in Coventry.

My services can help a range of students from beginners to those needed a refreshers course, with package sessions at excellent prices. You won’t be moved from instructor to instructor, as a private instructor I can ensure you receive the training you need in an enjoyable environment.

You will find information on the services provided below and the various resources to ensure you are prepared in your driving school experience.

What We Offer
Driving Lessons

Click here for more information on our driving lessons including prices and requirements.

Theory Test Information

Our resources page provides valuable information on your provisional, theory test and general driving information. Click here to find out more.

Hear What my Students Have to Say

After passing my test today with confidence I owe all that to Andy. I would highly recommend Andy for a number of reasons; Firstly he is clear on instructions and is patient when it comes to carrying out the task. Secondly he made me feel comfortable behind the wheel of the car almost immediately in the first lesson. Having Andy as an instructor was a joy Thanks a lot Andy!

Joe Driscoll

I have recently passed my test with Andy, and I can say that I am very happy and glad that I chose to have my lessons with him, he is very patient and I have had some good laughs. Thanks Andy

Jamie Beard

I would 100% recommend Andy as an instructor! He has patience which is just what I needed. He made me feel comfortable during my lessons not only is he professional but he’s also easy to get along with which helps you feel relaxed when driving. Cheers Andy!

Emma Horton

Thanks to a great instructor, very patient, a good laugh and puts you at ease. A fantastic instructor to learn to drive with, I can’t thank you enough!

Shayna Davies

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